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Episodes from the Life of a Medical Missionary
                           Dr Allan Bapty (1929-2021)

Many of the medical anecdotes in this book give a vivid insight into the lives, backgrounds, trials and
tribulations still experienced by people from different parts of the world. It is a stark reminder to those of us complaining about the NHS.
Most importantly the anecdotes demonstrate how God uses people of faith to reveal his love, compassion,
skill and patience through human channels. This is a book you will not want to put down.

Allan Bapty was born in India in 1927 and was educated in India and later in England. He became a member
of the Church Missionary Society and trained for work in the field of Leprosy. After ten years in Africa, he
returned to England suffering from the initial stages of Leprosy himself.
He remained in England and worked in the NHS until retirement taking extended breaks to work in the
Ethiopian Refugee Camps at El Gedaref in 1985. In 1987 he was invited to go to Nepal to work in a
Leprosy Hospital near Janakpur.

He lives in Devon

Book published in September 2019

audio book - 7 parts, the following chapter list is based on the book
in each 'part' - intro, mid & end with short instrumental
(we suggest you do not listen to the audio on New Life Radio at the same time)
chapter title pages

total mins

total minutes each part

Forward by Barbara Piller iii   Listen Part 1 of 7
Introduction                                                                        1953 to 1962 v-vii    
Our Interview With The Church Missionary Society 1-2    
Preliminary Experience in The Main Government Hospital 3-5    
Dr & Mrs Algy Visit Us At Kigeme, 1956 6-10    
Simeoni's Story 11-15 29  
Finding Rusi 16-20   Listen Part 2 of 7
Paralysed By A Hippo's Curse and Later 21-25    
An Operation At Kigeme Hospital 26-28    
A Leopard Hunt 29-30 22  
A Man's Son with A T.B. Spine 31-32   Listen Part 3 of 7
Attacking Wolves 33-34    
Car Breakdown On Way To Kampala 35-39    
An Inquisitive Baby Elephant 40-41    
Three Man-Eating Lions Besiege A Hamlet 42-43    
A Bad Man Eating Lion 44-50   Listen Part 4 of 7
A Crocodile Hunt 51-53    
Miriam (Not Her Real Name) 54-55    
A Well Deserved Rebuke 56-58 21  
A Terrible Disaster - Made Good 59-63   Listen Part 5 of 7
Free Consultations? 64-66    
Villages Complaining About Buffaloes 67-68    
Occasional Safaris to Distant Church Districts 69-71 21  

My Last Operation at Ibuye, 1962

Working in a Refugee Camp on The Ethiopian Border       1985 to 1986 77-83   Listen Part 6 of 7
Examining Patients In The Refugee Camp                                     1985 84-85    
Safawa refugee Camp, t8 km from El Gedaref 86-87    
Treating Goitre in The Sudan 88-89    
The Disastr of Trachhoma 90-92 22  
      Listen Part 7 of 7
Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital, Nepal                                            1997-2001 95-96    
An Unpleasant Surprise On A Walk with A Dog Called Maxi 97-98    
A Visitor from Bollywood at Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital 99-101    
A Man Attacked By A Bear 102-103    
Rabies 104-105    
A Study of A Number of Patients at Lalgadh Hospital in Nepal 106-109 16  

                                                                                                                 total listening time 2 hours 34 minutes  
                              Your may listen online, but you may not copy.
                                                      The copyright is held by Allan Bapty - 2019
                                                  narrated by Mike Coles at New Life Radio Studio

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