David Adams, (Poland) narator of  'Letter from Poland' weekly news report for New Life Radio.
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Olympia Publishers:
David John Adams looks back on a full and interesting life, guided by the often-unseen but always present hand of Almighty God. The ultra-busy English Construction Engineer progressed into the adventures of retirement, balancing the toils and joys of live-in grandparenting with the daily struggles of living in an alien land.
Helping Eastern European locals to develop their held-back talents, is as much a privilege as bringing forth this ‘book that is in us all', showing that bodily age comes second place to a burning heart!


'The nature of a bomb is to destroy, but the nature of people is to overcome. In a world racked with religious and racial prejudice, intolerance and division, could a Jewish jeweller, a Christian dress-designer, an Arab Sheikh and an Atheist policeman, of such entirely different lifestyles and faiths, dare to do more than just show a passive toleration towards each other?

Would bereaved and heartbroken victims recognise and respect the same traumas in the terrorist's family? Could 3,500 years old jewels of fabulous and sacred value be discovered by ordinary persons who were elevated from their obscure lives to be thrust into a world-travelling, danger-ridden adventure?

Are the most beautiful gemstones often discovered hidden underground, just waiting to be lifted out into the light? 
Jewels of Glory answers all these questions with a resounding 'yes!''.  

                                         Listen to David Adams with a short extract


'Jewels of Glory' is available in paperback and e-book formats from bookshops, Amazon and also direct from Olympia Publishers of London. 

ISBN : 978-1-78830-669-0
Published: 24/09/2020
Pages : 390Size : 156x234

Imprint : Olympia Publisher

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19 06 2023