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George Santer 1935 to 2013
George Santer of Rora House, late of Totnes and Harbertonford, former gardener at Beenleigh Manor and Rora House, aged 78 yrs, passed in to the presence of his Lord on Friday 3rd January 2014. A much loved brother, uncle, a good friend to many.
These are just a few of the many songs sung by pianist & soloist George Santer. These particular ones are from the 'Hymns of Eternal Truth' = *B number in the hymn book. Probably recorded in the late 60's to the 80's. Recordings originally made on reel to reel and/or cassette, then digitised to mp3. Quality perhaps not perfect but content excellent!

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Hymns of Eternal Truth - Link to hymn book


Away with my fears (vs 5-12 only)

2a A charge to keep I have (alt tune)   Listen
2b A charge to keep I have   Listen
3 O God! What offering   Listen
4a Christ from whom all blessings flow   Listen
4b King of saints, to whom are given (part 2)   Listen
5 Jesu, the word of mercy give   Listen
6a I groan from pride (part 2 - al tune)   Listen
6b Lord, I believe a rest remains (part 1)   Listen
7 Jesus, my strength and righteousness   Listen
8 Heavenly Father, Sovereign Lord   Listen
9 Come then my God, the promise seal   Listen
10a My heart is full of Christ and longs - (part 1)   Listen
10b Thy heavenly charms the virgins move (part 2)   Listen
11a Lord, I believe Thy work of grace (part 1)   Listen
11b O joyful sound of gospel grace (part 2)   Listen

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