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Mountains, Medicines and Miracles

                             Mollie Clark, MBE
about the book...                             
As an English nurse working in India, Mollie Clark was transferred to Bhutan to help with the leprosy control programme. The country, an ancient kingdom, landlocked in the Himalayas, was not nearly as well known in the West as Tibet, Nepal and other mountainous regions.

Adventures, challenges and struggles followed, as Mollie came to know and love the people and the country of Bhutan. This honestly written account tells a thrilling story of success in the battle against leprosy, but it also tells very7 much more, and will inspire all who read it.

audio book - 9 parts, the following chapter list is based on the book
(we suggest you do not listen to the audio on New Life Radio at the same time)

chapter title


total mins

total mins
each part

Listen part
Intro - Bhutan Song yala   4   Listen beg
Acknowledgements, Forward & Preface  0 - 10 10 Listen 1
Chapter One - Gida Kom 9-14


10 Listen 2
Chapter One - Gida Kom 15-16a


Chapter One - Gida Kom 16b-20  8 11 Listen 3
Chapter Two - Mongar 21-25 10      
Chapter Two - Mongar 26-31  9 19 Listen 4
Chapter Three - Lhuntse 32-38a 12 12 Listen 5
Chapter Three - Lhuntse 38b-45a 15 15 Listen 6
Chapter Three - Lhuntse 45b-51 13 13 Listen 7
Chapter Four - Yebilaptsa 52-60 15 15 Listen 8
Chapter Four - Yebilaptsa 60b-70 19      
Chapter Four - Yebilaptsa / Postscript 71-end  4 23 Listen 9
Closing Bhutan Song Yeshu gi magmi   8   Listen end

 Total listening time 2 hours 22 minutes  
 You may listen online, but you may not copy.
 The copyright is held by Mollie Clark - 2015
 Narrated by Faith Coles at New Life Radio Studio
 ISBN 978-1-909075-74-0

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