Remembering the life of                        
Michael William Ernest Ilieve  

26 May 1946 - 18 March 2023

Funeral Service held at Exeter & Devon
Crematorium Thursday 20th April 2023
conducted by Mr Michael Coles

A series of photos in rememberance of Michael Ilieve and his involvement with New Life Radio from 1998 to 2023 -
click on the photo above

title pdf document ready to read pages listen mins
Complete recording of Service word for word doc 4 Listen 29
Patricia Rees, Bible reading,
Psalm 90 v 1-6, 10 & 12
word for word doc 1 Listen 1
Michael Coles, 'Reflection'  word for word doc 3 Listen 12
Jane Major, reading, 'We Let You Go' word for word doc 1 Listen 1.5
Words to Turn,turn,turn. word for word doc 1    





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