NEW LIFE conjunction with
New Life Conference at Quinta 05-11 August 2023
Theme this year 'Living Faith'
Recordings from a live broadcast from the Main Marquee MM **
If from another location at Quinta then marked OL **
Seminars - no's  from other venues at conference
These audio recordings can be 'listened to online' downloaded and copied, but you may not sell. 
Speakers this year 2023 include Eddie Lyle, Les Wheeldon & Dave Meeten.
Recordings below are the ministry given at the meeting (not the whole meeting, except where **

** speaker title date
mins listen
MM Eddie Lyle (CEO Open Doors) The wedding, the wine, the wonder, the guest Sat 5th Aug  pm 30 listen/dload
MM Eddie Lyle Living Faith, Love is the measure Sun 6th Aug am 45 listen/dload
MM Eddie Lyle Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd Sun 6th Aug pm 57 listen/dload
MM Les Wheeldon Saving Faith Mon 7th Aug 10 am 57 listen/dload
MM Eddie & Christine Lyle Faith working in love Mon 7th Aug 11.30 am 58 listen/dload
OL Matt Armstrong The trial of your faith Mon 7th Aug 11.30 am 58 listen/dload
OL Liz Browne Faith without works is dead Mon 7th Aug 11.30 am 50 listen/dload
MM Ruth Elks &
Vicki Wheeldon
Ladies meeting Mon 7th Aug 2 pm 51 listen/dload
MM Les Wheeldon Bible Study Tue 7th 10 am 47 listen/dload
MM Olaf and Manuela Brellenthin Faith is the substance of things unseen Tue 7th 11.40 am 58 listen/dload
MM Mark Jones   Tue 7th Aug 7.30 pm 45 listen/dload
MM David Meeten   Tue 8th Aug 7.30 pm 58 listen/dload
MM Les Wheeldon The marks of faith and the marks of unbelief Thu 10th 10 am 49 listen/dload
OL Steve Cann, Matt Vine Walking by faith Thu 10th 11.30 am 44 listen/dload
MM Sarah Chinnaraja Faith that pleases God ( the workplace) Thu 10th 11.30 am 62 listen/dload
MM Les Wheeldon Acts 2v1 'Transforming Faith' The need to be filled with The Holy Spirit Thu 10th 7.30 pm 48 listen/dload
MM Les Wheeldon ** As above 13A but full meeting length Thu 10th 7.30 pm 97 listen/dload
MM Les Wheeldon Bible character - Joseph and the upward look Fri 11th 10 am 50 listen/dload
MM John Moffat We walk by faith and not by sight, + 2 King 6, Elisha Fri 11th 7 pm 52 listen/dload






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