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Mr GW North (1913-2003)
From the mid 1960's to the 1980's many recordings were made of Mr North's sermons including the singing of hymns and choruses which became loved by many. At the end of a message by Mr North on New Life Radio we feature 'Hymns and Choruses' a cameo of songs and hymns sung and often led by GW North in many of his meeetings and conferences held throughout the UK. Our present schedule is for one of his messages to be broadcast 10.30 pm on Wednesdays.

Sometimes the sound quality may be a little poor but the content rich. Perhaps it will bring back some memories for you, some of these songs are still being sung today.
Many of the hymns are from a hymn book called 'Hymns of Eternal Truth'. 
Here at this link you can find a complete text copy of the hymn book which can be downloaded for free. This has been produced by Richard Porowski.      
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Title (more being added)    
Full salvation, Full savation, (Cliff, 1978)   listen
Give me the faith which can remove (Exeter 1974)   listen
God wills that I should holy be (Rora 1973)   listen
Happy the souls who first believed (Exeter 1969)   listen
Holy, Holy, Holy, (Exeter 1973)   listen
How can a sinner know his sins on earth forgiven (Exeter 1969)   listen
How do Thy mercies close me round (Eltham 1981)   listen
How good is the God we adore (Exeter 1969)   listen
I cannot tell how He whom angels worship (Rora)   listen



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