Recordings from a live broadcast with Ron Perschky (Exeter)

These audio recordings can be 'listened online',
downloaded and copied, but you may not sell.

  Title date
mins listen
04 Deuteronomy chapt 7 v 6 to 19 27 Feb 2022 24 Listen/dload
03 Lessons from Jesus' Last Days 28 Mar 2021 33 Listen/dload
02 Ephesians chapt 1 v 3 to 14,  God's plan to make us His own people 10 Jan 2021 28 Listen/dload
01 Phil chapt 2 v 5 'In your relationships with one another have the same mindset as Christ Jesus' (at Westgate Church Sunday Morning Service) 15 Nov 2020 36 Listen/dload





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