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A little history -
       'How It All Began'  -
The story begins at the *Summer Conference in August 1997

From the late eightees through to August 2017 Mike Coles together with his wife Faith were involved in the administration and 'Conference Office' duties with the *Summer Conference, situated in the grounds of Rora House, Liverton, Nr  Newton Abbot, South Devon.

It was during the 1997 Conference that Mike, being at the Conference office was greeted by Peter Trevelyan who was delighted to inform him that after 18 years of marriage and having giving up hope of ever having children, his wife Jill was now pregnant. Ruth Trevelyan was born on 28 December 1997 (jumping forward a few years ....from an early age -9-10 yrs- Ruth began to present her own daily programme).

That was the 'good news' but the 'not so good news' was that Peter would be unable to get to the meetings at the following years conference as he would be babysitting in his tent. Instantly that put a thought into Mike's mind as to whether the 'conference meetings' could be heard by means of radio to the conference campsite which stretched over half a mile.
Out of that thought came 'New Life Radio' on FM in South Devon.
Broadcasting for 2 weeks annually on FM from 1998 through to 2016
From 2004 the FM broadcast was simulcast on the Internet
From December 2015 continuous broadcast 24/7 online  - throughout the year.
There are many stories to be told as to God's faithfulness and supply. See here
article by Mike Coles and published May 2014 in 'WACRAL' - Worldwide Association of Christian Radio Amateurs and Listeners' quarterly magazine written about New Life Radio from Mike's radio enthusiast's perspective.

* now called 'New Life Conference' .
** now called OFCOM

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NEW LIFE RADIO 1998-2016 FM operated with a -
'Restricted Service Licence' granted by Ofcom
NEW LIFE RADIO continues as a 24/7 Online Radio Station
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