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Broadcasting Online 24/7 from our Exeter Studio

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Information & questions ref NEW LIFE RADIO:

I cannot receive make any connection with or receive sound from New Life Radio.
When you first access the page the sound may take anything from 10 to 30 seconds to be heard. The streaming should work with the majority of computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets. MP3 streaming at 64kbps. If you are having problems try this direct link:  New Life Radio, Exeter - direct link
If no success using 'Chrome' try the 'Microsoft Edge' or other browser

 1A When listening, disconnection occurs and when reconnected hear repeats, how to solve
2   Is there an 'app' available?

 3   How is the station financed?
  Can I obtain copies of any of the programme content?
   Who operates the station? and what about equipment?
 6   Studio Webcam & how to see a bigger picture
Regarding copyright
 8   Advertising, see below

 A  Contact information
 B  Daily Programme Schedule
 C  History and how it all began in 1997
D  Photos see our Face-book page
Mike Coles' interest in Radio
 G  What we believe - 'Statement of Faith'
I   Article about New Life Radio written by Mike Coles published in Wacral, May 2014
 J   See our Privacy Policy

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1A When listening disconnection occurs, after reconnection I hear repeats, how to resolve
Try - Close down New Life Radio, go to a different web site ie News or Weather, listen for 20 seconds plus. Then close down that web link,  and then go to the New Life Radio web site and click on the play button. Alternatively, close down and turn off your device for about 30 seconds. Then try again at New Life Radio. Try on a different device. (The overall problem here is probably due to the 'cache' in the device you are using, which needs deleting and taking the above procedure hopefully will solve the problem).

 2  Is there an 'app' available  We are featured on several World Wide Radio Databases, including the following where you can access NEW LIFE RADIO (Exeter) via following portals::

    Internet Radio UK
    Live Radio-UK
    Online Radio Box
    Radio Garden

    RadioGuide FM Radio online
    Sintonizate Online

    UK Online Radio
RadioGuide FM Radio online

 Using 'Alexa' call 'New Life Radio UK'
If searching by Google or other search engines then it's 'New Life Radio Exeter' as there are a few other 'New Life Radios' in the world

 3 How is the station financed?
From the very beginning the station has been financially supported partly by gifts and partly by Mike Coles Travel.  If you would like to help by donating

 4  Can I obtain copies of any of the programmes? Yes & No
YES - for some of our own produced recordings, and other non copyright material,
See our Previous Broadcasts & New Life Radio Audio Library
The majority of the music and some of the other items are copyright.

5  NEW LIFE RADIO is operated by Mike & Faith Coles with the help of many willing volunteers since our first broadcast in 1998. We have been privileged over the years since the beginnings in 1997, of having our own studio and equipment. During 19 years 1998-2016 we operated on local FM in South Devon.  Equipment included 3 km of cables, a 20 metre purpose built tower and all the associated equipment. We have a fully equipped studio in Exeter.
 6  How do I view the Webcam?
During a 'live studio' broadcast the webcam image is updated every 30 seconds. If you want to see a bigger picture
 - right click on the webcam then 'Open image in new tab', this will save a copy of the current picture in new tab, then open the new tab.  It copies the current picture so use the same process if you want to enlarge a newer picture.

 7. New Life Radio
NEW LIFE RADIO takes most seriously the rights of copyright holders, and makes every effort to comply with copyright licence requirements in its use of third-party creative materials. We are registered and have appropriate licences with PPL and PRS. However, should a copyright holder find a reproduction, in whole or part, that we have used and he or she believes to be not in accordance with its licence, or not in accordance with his or her personal beliefs with respect to that copyright, we invite that person to
contact us, and we shall remedy the issue as soon as possible. New Life Radio reserves the right to modify the terms of this disclosure without notice

7B Credit due: Grateful thanks to 'mixkit' for background music to some of our jingles

 8 Advertising, *  include the following:  Avail Mission, Nepal Leprosy Trust, Mike Coles Travel etc

 NEW LIFE RADIO is a non commercial/non profit station and * no charge is made for the very little on air advertising.

Mike's long life interest in 'all things radio' -
see Mike's Ham Radio call sign here

 We appreciate your comments phone 01392 219499  / mph & text 07944 580 254
 e mail
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